What is Lutheran Worship Like?

One could argue that each denomination of church has its own style and order of service.  There are common elements among all services, but even between two Lutheran churches, none are exactly the same.

At Lord of Life, our service is about worshiping God, remembering His love for us as Father through His son Jesus Christ, and connecting with one another. We encourage and build each other up in this fellowship, and we invite you to join us.  This page is meant to describe and show some of the activities we have in worship.

Our worship service includes hymns and music, readings from the Old Testament, New Testament and The Gospel, and a sermon.  We worship with a responsive liturgy, which we print in our bulletins.  The liturgy comes from passages in the Bible.

The Lord Of Life Lutheran Chimers (opens video) play for our prelude regularly.

We also have a Childrens’ Sermon for the kids in the congregation.

Childrens' Sermon

We celebrate Holy Communion weekly.  We share the peace of the Lord with each other during the service where we wish peace to one another and greet each other in friendship.

We leave the service to Go and Serve the Lord and Thanks be to God!