Outreach Activities

God calls us to respond to those in need not only through spiritual acts such as prayer but also works that directly help others. Some of our outreach projects are listed below.

The Ways We Serve

  • Children’s School Supplies October 28, 2019 Each July items are donated by the congregation to support needy children with the supplies they will need to start their school year.
  • Feeding Our Hungry Neighbors August 3, 2017 Continuous Donations to Local Food Banks Lord of Life collects food continuously for both the Forsyth County Food Bank and “The Place” in Forsyth county and also the Drake House in Fulton County. We collect and distribute food year-round. Many organizations participate during holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, etc. While this is wonderful, there are those that are hungry every month. It is not a side that is often seen in Forsyth county, but there are children, mothers, entire families that do not have enough nutrition each day.  Given the wealth that exists in our area, preventing people from ...
  • Helping Neighbors Devastated by House Fire June 11, 2017 The Congregation has supported several local families over the last few years who have lost all they owned due to devastating house fires.
  • Quilts around the World June 11, 2017 We make quilts that are sent to those in need around the world. To date we have provided over 900 quilts that have been distributed to such places as Angola, Republic of Georgia, Haiti and India. Beginning in 2005, a group of church ladies started sewing and assembling utility quilts for Lutheran World Relief, who in turn distribute them to refugees in need around the world. The lovely people that receive our quilts use them for bedding, of course, but also for a lean-to shelter for relief from the hot sun, or as a backpack, or when hung, a cheery reminder of ...
  • Baskets of Promise May 15, 2017 Each spring/summer, we assemble Baskets of Promise, which are personal care kits benefiting individuals in need in countries around the world in partnership with Lutheran World Relief.  The kits are towels with soap and other personal care items.