Feeding Our Hungry Neighbors

Continuous Donations to Local Food Banks Lord of Life collects food continuously for both the Forsyth County Food Bank and “The Place” in Forsyth county and also the Drake House in Fulton County. We collect and distribute food year-round. Many organizations participate during holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, etc. While this is wonderful, there are those that are hungry every month. It is not a side that is often seen in Forsyth county, but there are children, mothers, entire families that do not have enough nutrition each day.  Given the wealth that exists in our area, preventing people from going hungry is something we can address but it takes everyone giving a little of their wealth. Only a few items from many people can have such an impact.
If you would like to donate and can’t find the time to get to a shelter, simply drop your packaged food items at our Church office and we will include with our regular donations. If you have questions or would like to become more involved in this area of ministry, please contact our Church office at 770-740-1279.
Your donations will support the Forsyth County Food Bank and “The Place” which helps those in need with food and more.