Quilts around the World

We make quilts that are sent to those in need around the world. To date we have provided over 900 quilts that have been distributed to such places as Angola, Republic of Georgia, Haiti and India. Beginning in 2005, a group of church ladies started sewing and assembling utility quilts for Lutheran World Relief, who in turn distribute them to refugees in need around the world.

The lovely people that receive our quilts use them for bedding, of course, but also for a lean-to shelter for relief from the hot sun, or as a backpack, or when hung, a cheery reminder of faraway friends that have not forgotten about them—they are a tangible expression of God’s love and care and a reason to hope.

In August of each year, prior to shipping the quilts to Lutheran World Relief, we display all the quilts on the seats in the sanctuary and provide an opportunity for the entire congregation to participate in this ministry by offering donations to fund the construction of the next year’s quilts.  Few may do the actual sewing, but this ministry is supported by everyone at Lord of Life; in fact, for many at Lord Of Life, QuilTen Sunday is a favorite Sunday of celebration!

The Peace by Piece Quilters cut fabric and sew quilt tops in the comfort of their individual homes, but meet together to assemble quilts at LOL each month on the fourth Thursday at 9:30am.  No sewing skills are necessary to assemble quilts and newcomers are always welcome to participate and enjoy the fellowship!  If you cannot participate but want to support this program, scrap cloth material is always in need.  Clean cloth of any type can be dropped off at the church office. Cloth such as sheets, curtains, or polyester batting material is always in need.